Our Team

Our leadership team is a bunch of undergraduates who are passionate about building robots and teaching anyone who’s interested how to build the future.

Ernest McCarter

Club Co-President

Pacbot Communications Sub-Team Lead

Alecia Barbieri

Club Co-President

Leader of the Droid Team

Jimmy Tran

Club Co-President

Leader of the Drone Team

Jack Toubes

Pacbot Electrical Sub-Team Lead

Pacbot Integration Sub-Team Lead

Club Officer

Lana Glisic

Club Training Leader

Club Officer

Ian Henriques

Club Treasurer

Pacbot Systems Software Sub-Team Leader

Kevin Phan

Pacbot High Level Software Sub-Team Leader

Club Officer

Our Advisers

Prof. Anirudha Majumdar

Prof. Majumdar's research is in controlling highly agile robotic systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles, with formal guarantees on their safety and performance.

Prof. Stephen Lyon

Professor Lyon’s research is in optical processes in semiconductors, ultrafast processes and nonequilibrium transport, semiconductor nanostructures, and quantum computing.

Prof. David August

Prof. August’s research is in computer architecture; languages, compilers, and run-time systems; parallelism; programmability, performance, efficiency, reliability, and security.

Changyan Wang

Graduate Advisor

Former Club Treasurer (2017-2018)

Former Leadership

Caio Costa (President)

Joseph Feng (President)

Zak Dasaro (Micromouse Coordinator)

Michelle Ho (Training/Technology Officer)

Robert Shi (Treasurer)

Sam Dale (President, 2019-2020)

Chris Ye (Treasurer, 2019-2020)

Harsh Babla (Outreach Officer)

Whitney Huang (President, 2017-2018)

Katherine Denner (Technology Chair)

Jamil Merali (Co-President, Treasurer 2015 - 2016)

Eric Principato (President, 2013-2014 and 2014-2015)

Mike Wang (President, 2013-2014)