Our Mission

We build robots. Our goal is to give Princeton students a space to learn about robotics whether they come in with no experience at all or have been building robots for years. Through workshops, competitions, and advising, we hope to help anyone and everyone get closer to being to be able to build their dream robot. 

Our Current Projects

Maze Teams in the StudioLab.

MicroMouse Maze Solving Teams

  • Autonomous maze solving robot.

  • Follows the rules of the IEEE’s micromouse competition.

  • Constraints: under $500, smaller than 20cm x 20cm x 20cm

  • The maze: 16x16 unit squares, each unit square is 16.8 cm x 16.8 cm (not including the thickness of the walls). The walls of the maze are 5 cm high and 1.2 cm thick.

  • The center of the maze (2x2 unit cells of empty space at the center) is the goalpoint.

  • Each robot is allotted 12 minutes in the maze. The objective is to have the shortest time from start to finish. The timing starts when the robot leaves the first unit square and ends once it is at the center of the maze.

Chassis of Drone Hardware team drone.

Autonomous Drone Teams

  • Using the MAAXX competition as a model, the goal will be to have an autonomous drone fly around a red-tape racetrack either the fastest or for the longest endurance.

  • Create the control system for an autonomous drone that can stay fixed in place while being blown randomly by fans for the longest amount of time possible.

  • Using the IROS Competition as a model, build an autonomous drone that can navigate through an obstacle course of square hoops (situated at different heights and angles).

  • Compete in the AUVSI IARC autonomous drone competition Mission 8, building four autonomous drones that can be commanded with gestures, beam a video feed to a human, avoid obstacles and interact as a swarm, shoot healing lasers at the human player as enemy drones shoot lasers at the player.

Past Projects

2017-18 Brown (MicroMouse) Teams

  • Bot-the Builders

  • Team Teensy

  • Team Begin

2016-17 Brown (Micromouse) Team

The rebooted club sent a team to the 2017 Brown Robotics Competition.

2014 Brown (Micromouse) Teams

The two teams that went to the 2014 Brown Robotics Competition, placing 3rd and 5th out of 12 teams.