Our Mission

We build robots. Our goal is to give Princeton students a space to learn about robotics whether they come in with no experience at all or have been building robots for years. Through workshops, competitions, and advising, we hope to help anyone and everyone get closer to being able to build their dream robot.

Our Current Projects

Micromouse team build session

Pacbot Competition Team

  • For the 2022-2023 school year, we will be competing in Harvard's Pacbot competition. See the 2022 competition page for more details.

  • Build an autonomous Pacman playing robot.

  • The arena is treated 28x31 unit squares, with passageways being about 7 inches wide. The boundaries of the arena are 4 inches tall.

  • Each robot will be placed in the arena with the goal of accumulating as many points as possible in three lives. Like an actual game of Pacman, ghosts will be chasing the robot to catch it, deducting a life and resetting the robot to try again.

Drone chassis

Autonomous Drone Teams

  • For the 2022-2023 school year, there will be several projects hosted under the drone team.

  • Building an autonomous quadcopter with the possible goals of obstacle avoidance and/or gesture control. Will heavily involve ROS and openCV (computer vision) work.

  • Designing an ornithopter to fly like a bird! Learn about mechanical design and testing of wing structures, fuselage, and flap frequency.

  • Learn how to build mini quadcopters, familiarizing with RC electronics.

BB-8 droid convention

BB-8 Droid Team

  • Working to build a life-size, fully functional BB-8 droid from the “Star Wars” movies

  • Serves as a way for members to learn essential skills like 3D printing, soldering, and working with Arduinos through an advanced project that grants room to grow

  • Droid will be constructed mostly from 3d printed, custom made, and off-the-shelf parts according to the public drive system used

  • Mechanical sub-team deals with 3D printing, drive system + sphere construction, and

  • Electrical sub-team handles wiring of the Arduinos, motors, servos, lights, and more housed inside the BB-8, as well as implementing the existing code to control the droid

  • The end goal is to have a movie accurate BB-8 that can be used for community outreach purposes

In addition to the projects listed above, there will be club-wide training sessions for the 2022-23 school year.

Past Projects

2021-22 Pacbot Team

2017-18 Brown (MicroMouse) Teams

Past competition robots
Past competition team
Past competition event
Past competition team
CAD diagram of past competition robot
Past competition robots
Past competition maze and robot
Past competition robot chassis
Past competition robots
Past competition maze and robot
Wires and sensors
Past competition team posing with robot
Past competition team setting robot into maze
Past competition team watching robot navigate maze
Club members at past competition

2016-17 Brown (Micromouse) Team

The rebooted club sent a team to the 2017 Brown Robotics Competition.

2014 Brown (Micromouse) Teams

The two teams that went to the 2014 Brown Robotics Competition, placing 3rd and 5th out of 12 teams.